To Be Romeo & Juliet

At its world premiere at the Possible Worlds Film Festival in Sydney Australia, Zima Junction Productions’ recent film To Be Romeo & Juliet won the Audience Award, with an astonishing approval rating of 3.8 out of 4!

This 103-minute documentary accompanies actors as they prepare to portray Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers in three different stage productions in three different countries. Emotional meltdowns, twisted ankles and cast mutinies are all part of what it takes to be Romeo and Juliet at a youth summer camp production in Guelph, Canada, an amateur production in Reading, England, and a professional production at the Chilean National Theatre.

The film garnered rave reviews as its premiere in Sydney, with Sydney Arts Journal stating that the film is “raw, revealing….sets the standard for arts documentary.” And when it appeared at another Australian festival, the Young At Heart Film Festival, Time Out Sydney wrote “This film is a joyous experience, not just in its exploration of theatre, but of that old barnacle human nature.”

The film also won the Best Arts/Entertainment Production award at the recent biannual Saskatchewan Showcase Awards.

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