Past Productions


Documentary 74 minutes, 2013

ChristCORE is an inside look at the explosive subculture of Christian hardcore music which is surging across North America. Filmmaker and atheist punk rocker Justin Ludwig goes on tour with two evangelical hardcore bands — driven newcomers Messengers and genre superstars Sleeping Giant — culminating in the important Cornerstone Christian Music Festival. The tribulations of touring combine with the trials of preaching from the stage for these talented musicians and devoted evangelical Christians.

A Few Good Men and WomenA Few Good Men & Women

Documentary Series, 7 x 48 minutes, 2008

This documentary series of follows municipal police candidates through their rigorous recruit competition, the demanding recruit training at Saskatchewan Police College and their first few weeks serving on the streets as new constables in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Estevan.

To Be Romeo and JulietTo Be Romeo & Juliet

Documentary, 103 minutes, 2008

To Be Romeo & Juliet accompanies actors as they prepare to portray Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers in three different stage productions in three different countries. Emotional meltdowns, twisted ankles and cast mutinies are all part of what it takes to be Romeo and Juliet at a youth summer camp production in Guelph, Canada, an amateur production in Reading, England, and a professional production at the Chilean National Theatre.


Feature, 89 minutes, 2001

Solitude is an exploration of the fleeting interconnections that arise, one summer, between two women retreatants and a monk at a rural monastery. Each is looking for answers — to questions of faith and purpose, love and identity. Starring Lothaire Bluteau and Vanessa Martinez, Solitude premiered in 2001 at the South-by-Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, and screened at many other festivals, including the Montreal World Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, The Commonwealth Film Festival (Manchester, England), and the Cambridge Film Festival (England).

The Heart Becomes QuietThe Heart Becomes Quiet

Documentary, 88 minutes, 1999

An exploration of how lives were changed by the Union Carbide gas tragedy of 1984, in Bhopal, India, the world’s worst industrial disaster. The production focuses on seven individuals whose lives were utterly changed by the gas tragedy.

Moscow SummerMoscow Summer

Documentary, 80 minutes, 1996

Moscow Summer is a street-level portrait of Moscow and its people. Following the course of a single summer this documentary explores the nuances of the city and the moods of its people – their hopes, their fears, their disappointments. Throughout the film, compelling visual sequences are interwoven with impromptu “on-the-street” interviews. In this way, resonances grow from the combination of the ideas arising in testimony with the sensuous impact of the candid images. So while Moscow’s social and political turmoil form an undercurrent in the film, ultimately Moscow Summer is a film about love and humanity, and those are the qualities with which it has been made.

Sons and DaughtersSons and Daughters

16mm black & white filim, 28 minutes, 1994

Sons and Daughters is a sensitive exploration of childhood in the fullness of its imagination, fierceness and wonder. This unconventional documentary consists of a series of precise observations in Canada, Mexico, England, France, Spain, Cyprus, and Israel. With fluid slow-motion cinematography and an evocative soundtrack the film creates a lyrical and emotional impression of the joys and frustrations of childhood.

The People in BlackThe People In Black

16mm black & white film, 9 minutes 15 seconds, 1992

The People in Black is a lyrical documentary about the Hutterites, an anabaptist group living a simple, communal lifestyle on the Canadian prairies. The film uses slow-motion cinematography and the Hutterites’ own old-world songs and prayers to evoke the gentle simplicity of their devotion.