About Zima Junction


Zima Junction Productions was founded in 1993 by Robin Schlaht as a film and video production company in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Zima Junction Productions Inc. has been dedicated to the creation of engaging and innovative documentary and fiction films.

Mission Statement

Zima Junction Productions Inc. seeks to create engaging and enriching films, videos, and new media. Key to this endeavour is a commitment to technical and aesthetic innovation, to exploring subjects often overlooked by mainstream producers, and to creating works which are ennobling and life affirming.


At Zima Junction Productions Inc. we are proud of our ability to create fully-realized low-budget films and new media productions, seeing that every dollar spent contributes to the communication with our audiences and to ensuring that the ideas and content of the film resonate. Our goal is to create innovative, insightful and even provocative films which are nonetheless engaging and accessible.