A Few Good Men & Women

Documentary Series, 7 x 48 minutes, 2008

This documentary series follows municipal police candidates through their rigorous recruit competition, the demanding recruit training at Saskatchewan Police College and their first few weeks serving on the streets as new constables in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Estevan.

Golden Sheaf Awards – Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival:

Nominated – Best Documentary Series, Best Direction Non-Fiction

TV Guide:

There really isn’t anything like this new Canadian show….Eye-opening and entertaining….It’s like nothing we’ve seen before.

Produced by Agitprop Films and Zima Junction Productions for SCN, Access, Viva and Court TV. Made with the support of SaskFilm, JobStart/Futureskills, Saskatchewan Employment Tax Credit, Canada Film or Video Production Tax Credit

Directed by Robin Schlaht
Produced by David Christensen and Robin Schlaht
Photographed by Robin Schlaht
Layton Burton
Edited by Dean Evans
Jason Nielsen
Jason Hujber
Jackie Dzuba
Composer Carey Parder
Additional Camera Ian Rogers
Steve Suderman
Patrick McLaughlin
Assistant Editor Eric R. Lauf
Post Production Supervisor Heather Malek
Audio Post Production Twisted Pair Sound Ltd.
Sound Supervisor Pat Butler
Sound Designer Brent Planiden
HD Online Java Post Production
Jack Tunnicliffe
Trevor Bennett
Joe Owen
Narrator Maureen Jones
Production Trainee Bridget Keating
Accountant Heather Moreau
SPC RECRUIT TRAINING CLASS #56 Cst. Nicole Elliott Estevan Police Service
Cst. Landon Giraudier Moose Jaw Police Service
Cst. Ryan Lawrence Moose Jaw Police Service
Cst. Rodney Zoerb Moose Jaw Police Service
Cst. Dean Smith Prince Albert Police Service
Cst. A.J. Aubichon Regina Police Service
Cst. Colin Belcourt Regina Police Service
Cst. Michael Dennett Regina Police Service
Cst. Desiree Landry Regina Police Service
Cst. Curtis Lawrence Regina Police Service
Cst. Chad Mazurak Regina Police Service
Cst. Cory Olynick Regina Police Service
Cst. Jessica Sabo Regina Police Service
Cst. Stas Shevchenko Regina Police Service
Cst. Jessy Singh Regina Police Service
Cst. Garth Tomaschefski Regina Police Service
Cst. Brad Young Regina Police Service
Cst. Matthew Wecker Regina Police Service
Cst. Kevin Buchholz Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. David Gee Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. Kyle Gilbertson Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. Chad Hesse Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. Ryan Hounsell Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. Robert Keleman Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. Jody Levesque Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. Brad McAvoy Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. Shelby McLean Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. Candace Mitchell Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. Patrick Petrie Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. Steven Richards Saskatoon Police Service
Cst. James Wawryk Saskatoon Police Service
THANK YOU The Instructors and Staff of
Saskatchewan Police CollegeThe Officers and Staff of
Estevan Police Service
Moose Jaw Police Service
Prince Albert Police Service
Regina Police Service
Saskatoon Police ServiceSaskatchewan Police Commission
Regina Board of Police Commissioners
Produced in Association with SCN
Produced with the participation of SaskFilm
Canadian Television Fund
The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit
Government of Alberta, Alberta Film Development Program
JobStart/Future Skills
Ingrid Christensen
Cst. Rob Collins
Cst. Rob D’Andrea
Cst. Darcy Dreaver
Kristen Emberley
Basil Kuzyk
Cst Laurel Marshall
Andrew Markle
Amy Matysio
Linda Meyer
Gary Morin
Milena Narannjo
Cst. Paul Pitzel
Rob Poggemiller
Patti Sandison-Cattell
Cst. Dave Scantlebury
Steve Suderman
Cpl. Shelly Sulymka
Cpl. Brad Walter
Dan Willows
Filmed entirely in Estevan, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada
Police Beat Films Inc.