Robin Schlaht

Raised in small-town Alberta (Irvine, population 300), Robin Schlaht travels the world to make his films.

Since graduating from the University of Regina’s BFA Film and Video program in 1992, Robin’s films have included Sons and Daughters, a documentary exploration of childhood in seven different countries, the feature length documentary Moscow Summer, shot in Russia in 1995, and The Heart Becomes Quiet, about survivors of the Union Carbide gas disaster in Bhopal, India. Robin’s first dramatic feature film, Solitude, starring Lothaire Bluteau and Vanessa Martinez, premiered in 2001 to rave reviews throughout Canada and internationally.

In 2007 Robin completed his feature-length documentary To Be Romeo & Juliet, which accompanies actors preparing to portray Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers in three very different stage productions in three different countries. And in 2008 Robin’s documentary series A Few Good Men & Women, following police recruits through their demanding training at Saskatchewan Police College, premiered on Canadian television to rave reviews and strong viewer response.

Robin lives and works in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Robin Schlaht Photography