ChristCORE – The Documentary

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74 minute, Documentary, 2013

ChristCORE is an inside look at the explosive subculture of Christian hardcore music which is surging across North America. Filmmaker and atheist punk rocker Justin Ludwig goes on tour with two evangelical hardcore bands — driven newcomers Messengers and genre superstars Sleeping Giant — culminating in the important Cornerstone Christian Music Festival.

The tribulations of touring combine with the trials of preaching from the stage for these talented musicians and devoted evangelical Christians.



Globe and Mail:

It’s fascinating to see Ludwig’s own deep-seated resistance dilute in the face of such sheer, unwavering rock and roll conviction.

Toronto Film Scene:

A fascinating look at the way Christian youth have embraced a form of music that you wouldn’t expect.

The Grid (7 stars of 10):

Enlightening….ChristCORE amply demonstrates the potential for glory when you’re thrashing for Jesus.

Now Magazine Toronto (4 stars):

The balance of acceptance and incredulity distinguishes ChristCORE.

Jason Lamb, Monday Magazine:

ChristCORE is the kind of documentary that sparks real discussion after the credits roll

Planet S Magazine:

Absolutely an entertaining watch for anyone with even a remote interest in hardcore


Keeps the viewer engrossed.

Dork Shelf:

It’s a film about fostering understanding and clearing up misconceptions on both sides of the issue.

Cult MTL:

Really well executed….allows the audience to receive a privileged peek at the Christian hardcore world.

Victoria Film Festival:

An unbiased view into the practices and lives of the musicians that are leading this subculture….Whether you are a believer or not, the powerful sense of community that these ChristCore fans have is fully conveyed in their stories.


An insightful and surprising look at the world of Christian hardcore and the people who inhabit it